Designing a Vegetable Garden

Home vegetable gardens have been making a comeback.  The reasons are numerous—healthy food, time spent outdoors, reducing your “carbon footprint.”  More than that, growing your own food can fill you with a sense of pride.  Dinner guests often perk up when they hear the vegetables they are eating came from the backyard.  Any vegetable you see may make you think, “Could I grow that?” and you embrace the challenge.  You smile after a friend looks at your garden filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and flowers and says, “I want a garden like that!”


If you have a spot in your yard that receives at least six hours of sun a day, you can grow food.  Most vegetable gardens start with a well-designed fence.  Others rely on raised beds to keep critters out.  A well-tended vegetable patch can even be incorporated into a front yard design.  A vegetable garden can be a beautiful part of the home landscape as well as functional.

Our desire is to help you create a vegetable garden that fits your vision.  We can help you choose and build a fence, install raised beds, and put in walkways.  Our vegetable gardens are designed around careful site analysis and detailed conversations with you.   We want your garden to be successful and because of that, we offer a wide range of options such as providing you with a crop list, planting with you, garden coaching, and weekly garden visits.  If you have questions about growing your own food this season, let us know!