A Year at Logic...

Please Note: Not every service described here is part of each Customer's contract. This just gives an overview of many of our available services and what we spend our time doing throughout the season. If you have questions about any of the services or what is included in your contract, please let us know!



Though Spring may have officially arrived several weeks ago in March, April is the time when the birds really start chirping and spring colors begin to come alive! It also marks the usual starting point for us.

Spring Cleanups and our First Round of Fertilization will begin. An email will be sent out to give everyone an idea of when to expect us. We will have visited most of our customers by the middle of the month.

For customers who are on our Compost Program, we will evaluate and harvest your Compost Bin with the material that is ready and rebuild your pile with the unfinished material so that new material can be added throughout the season. The harvested material will be put on your vegetable garden, perennial bed or other area to give the plant material a great start! We have a recommended Compost Bin Set-Up and are here to help customers who want to start composting! 

Depending on the weather and soil temperature we will start Spot Seeding and doing lawn Renovation and Repair projects toward the end of the month, but often not until the first part of May. We don’t want heavy spring rains to wash away seed before the soil temperature has warmed enough for the seed to germinate.

Customers who we do Seasonal Pot Installations for will see their first plants installed this month.

We’ll also be inspecting plant material on our customer's property and communicate  about additional tasks that may need to be done.


By the beginning of May we are in full swing! Weekly Mowing has begun and will continue through October.

For customers on our Garden Bed Maintenance Program, we will make a first visit. Pruning of spring flowering Trees and Shrubs will be done at the appropriate time.

We will begin Garden Installations that have been designed over the winter as well as start working with customers and our Independent Designers on new projects.

We will continue to install new Raised Vegetable Gardens as well as prep existing ones for the season with Certified Organic Compost.

mulch madness.jpg

Mulch Madness will be in full swing with lots and lots of yards of nutrient rich Leaf Mulch being installed.  We love Leaf Mulch and your plants and soil will love it too!

We will be applying our Natural and Targeted Weed Control for customers who have that as part of their Organic Lawn Care Program.  You will always know we have applied something to your lawn (even Organic Products) by a flag and an information sheet left at your door.  What we and our customers care about most is a safe healthy environment for our kids, pets and community.  Call or e-mail us to learn more about these options.

Summer Containers will be planted to enjoy all summer!  Pictured below is a bath tub pot we have at our shop.


In early June we will still be doing some seeding, pruning and garden installations. As the summer heat hits, we will give  watering information and tips to help customers maintain their lawns and landscapes. 

Round Two of the Fertilization Program will be finishing up and Round Three  will begin.  We will begin to put down our Organic Preventative Grub Control as well as monitor for other insects and disease and communicate any actions that might need to be taken. 

The week after the fourth of July, our customers on our Bi-Weekly Maintenance Program will begin their bi-weekly schedule for the rest of the season.


Believe it or not August is the start of fall in the Lawn Care World! Jobs such as Aeration, Dethatching and Seeding will begin sometime this month depending on the weather. We will continue to do all these tasks through the first part of October.  Now is the best time to be choosing a lawn care company, because what you do now sets you up for success next Spring.  Tell your friends about Logic or if you are not a customer yet give us a call! 


Round Four Fertilization will go down in September.

The Fall Container Plantings will happen this month.


Leaves, Leaves and more Leaves! October will be about managing leaves on our customers properties as they fall. We will mulch leaves as much as possible back into the lawn and also back into the garden beds.

We will be applying our Natural and Targeted Weed Control for customers who have that as part of their Organic Lawn Care Program.  You will always know we have applied something to your lawn (even Organic Products) by a flag and an information sheet left at your door. 


Thought the end is near, we will be busy all month doing the final Fall Cleanups and Leaf Debris Management as well as applying the Final Fertilization Application (by the way one of the most important of the year).  Most years we are done by Thanksgiving, but there have been years we have been working into December! It all depends on when the leaves fall and we’ll work as long as it takes it get everything done!

Winter Containers will be done this month as well!


Most years, it’s still cold outside and much of what we can do to our yards and garden is plan for the coming season! But this is the perfect time to Dormant Prune many deciduous trees and shrubs. Its the best time to better see the structure of the plant while they are still dormant in the winter or early spring.

We are also watching the weather closely to see when we can get started for the season. Because every year is different, our start date can vary as well!

See you in the Spring again!