Welcome to the 2018 Growing Season: Time To Hurry Up... and Wait!

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Dear Friends, 
Welcome to the 2018 growing season with Logic Lawn Care!

The snow has melted and the weather has warmed up at long last, which means we were finally able to start our organic lawn care for the season.

Spring is a busy time of year on our properties. We're here to help you take the logical approach to lawn care: We'll advise you on the services you should we hurry up and do, and the ones you should wait on.

Throughout the season, we will send out service alerts to update you when individual services begin and provide expert tips on caring for your lawn and garden. If you haven't signed up for the service but are interested, you're always welcome to let us know and we can add you to the service route.
We begin the season by applying our Early Spring Organic Fertilization treatment to wake up your lawn from its dormant winter state. This granular fertilization product provides calcium and sulfur nutrition with humic acid. These organic nutrients will build your soil and allow natural sources of nitrogen to be taken up by the grass plant to ease your turf into the warm growing season and help it out-compete weeds.
This product does not need to be watered in and will break down naturally over time. This product, like all Logic Lawn Care organic fertilizers, is non-toxic and safe for humans and pets, so you are free to enjoy your lawn immediately after application.


Hurry Up...

Act Now to Prevent Weeds From Taking Over Your Lawn

 Broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions and Lesser Celandine (pictured here) seem to be waiting under the snow to pop up in our lawns.

These weeds over winter and continue to grow in early spring and, left untreated, can quickly take over the turf before the weather warms up enough for the grass to grow.

Logic Lawn Care recommends fighting back using natural weed control as soon as these weeds begin to appear and is successfully treating Lesser Celandine and other unwanted plants with an iron-based natural herbicide.

We use an EPA Reduced Risk natural bio-pesticide that is safe for you and your family as well as the environment. The liquid application's iron-rich solution knocks back broadleaf weeds by giving them a mega-dose of iron. Unlike turf grass, which loves iron, weeds can't handle iron in large amounts. You will see the weeds turn black over the next several hours/days as they begin to die. 

Learn more about Logic Lawn Care's natural approach to weed management in this recent Evanston RoundTable article or give us a call at (847) 421-6500.


          ...and Wait

Aeration Is Crucial,
But Late Spring Offers Best Results

You may be seeing other properties receiving aeration now and are thinking you should too. Aeration is a crucial component to a good lawn care program, but we recommend waiting until later in the spring for maximum effectiveness. 

Aeration should be performed when grass plants are actively growing their root system in order to receive the most benefit from the service.

We have found the May/June time-frame to be the optimal time for Spring Core Turf Aeration service.

Logic Lawn Care aerates for several reasons, primarily to amend soil compaction and promote root density. Core aeration opens the soil to provide needed oxygen for root systems to thrive and helps thicken and restore your turf. 

Aeration service breaks up clay soil, reduces density and compaction and adds essential minerals to your soil to create the structure for optimal root growth and turf density.

To schedule this service or for more information, please call 847.421.6500.

Hurry Up or Wait?
Logic Will Let You Know-- Via Text!

Wondering when and how much to water? Or when you should aerate or seed?

Take the guesswork out of your lawn and garden care by letting our field technicians guide you through the season, via text message.

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