Grow food in your own yard!

We offer a range of services from custom designed and built food gardens, to simple weekly care, or the one time spring bed preparation.   We can help you at whatever level you need help.  If you just want us to build raised beds and fill them with our soil/ compost garden mix and set up and help you with an initial planting plan, we can do that!

If you want weekly visits to ensure success we can do that to...and anything in between.

If you're interested in getting started, here's how it works:

Initial Consultation

During a FREE  Initial Consultation, we measure dimensions, analyze the site, and most importantly have a conversation with you about your vision and priorities. We will see what you would like to be growing, brainstorm on the best setup for your garden, and answer any questions you have.

Proposal and Estimate

After our initial visit consultation, if you decide to go forward we will come back to you with a proposal and estimate to help you get started on your gardening journey!


Raised Beds:  We build and deliver your raised beds including organic compost and can do an in-season seed planting with you or for you.

Custom  Garden Gardens:  We will schedule your custom garden installation based on your detailed proposal.


You’re now ready to enjoy your amazing Edible Garden! We want to make sure your gardening experience is fun and successful so we offer several different levels of on-going help depending on what you want and need.


Weekly Maintenance is for clients who don’t want to worry about garden care at all – just relax and enjoy the harvest and beauty of the garden!  We take care of everything the plants need in order to be healthy: thinning, weeding, extra watering needs, fertilizing, harvesting, pruning, plant replacement, trellis training, pest control, cleaning, etc.


Bi-Weekly Maintenance is perfect for people who love to be out in the garden and have some garden experience, but still want help for some of the bigger tasks.  We rely on you for day to day garden care and trouble-shooting, attending to watering needs, thinning, weeding, etc.  We come twice a month to tackle big projects, amend the soil, prune, plant crop successions, and make sure the garden is in overall great shape.

Garden Coaching

We can schedule Garden Coaching visits to be at a time that is convenient for you, and one of our Garden Gurus will work alongside you, teaching as they go.   You’ll learn about the details and skills needed to grow and care for your garden.  For first time gardeners and those who just want to learn more, this is a great place to start! Children invited to join!

A la Carte Gardening

Many clients engage us on a ‘time and materials’ basis.

This is a good choice for you if your garden gets away from you over the season and you need some help getting things put back in order.  Also a great option if you are away on vacation and need the garden tended.