Our Natural Lawn Care Program consists of 6 components that when used together will give you a beautiful lawn, naturally!


Organic Fertilization

5 properly timed applications focus on providing nutrients that build healthy soil which in turn create a beautiful lawn.



Natural Weed Control

Natural Weed Control options will suppress unwanted weeds while safely building a thick healthy lawn.



Core Aeration

An important process that loosens compact soil to stimulate growth through increased circulation of air, water and nutrients.                  




Adding high quality seed that is appropriate for your lawn's conditions, will increase turf density and enhance the lawn's overall health while naturally suppressing weeds.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM

A holistic approach used to prevent, identify and when necessary, treat lawn problems with the safest controls available.


Cultural Practices

Logic offers guidance on proper mowing and watering techniques which are important for the success of our Natural Lawn Care Program.